Types of Sales Leads Explained

MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads

Most leads start as an MQL. Then, through a lead nurture process, they become a sales-qualified (SQL) lead, until they (hopefully) become a customer. Marketing-qualified leads are early-stage leads. This can provide an early opportunity in a customer's buying journey for a business or a salesperson.

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Leads2Sales - Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Sales qualified leads are prospective customers ready to talk to a sales team. These leads are further in the buying cycle and contain more qualified information and contact details. They may still require further qualification by sales but are close to a decision.

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Leads2Sales - Premium Sales Qualified Leads (PSQL)

Our premium leads are our sales-qualified leads with the highest possible lead score. These leads contain additional criteria and information, may not require much further qualification or are high-value, such as multi-unit, fleet or tender opportunities. These leads are our unicorns and, dare we say; the highest quality leads available in the industry.

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