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ROI Copier Industry
Because the majority of our leads are 'in market' leads, our lead conversion is very high. There is of course no guarantee that all leads will result in sales; however the ROI is excellent!

Return on Investment (ROI) calculation example for the copier industry

Let's calculate a possible scenario based on some conservative assumptions (see below)*:
Leads purchased per month:            20
Average lead price:            $89
Total investment in leads:     $1,780
Leads resulting in a quote:             15
Quotes resulting in a sale:               3
Average sale value:                                $5,000
Total sales revenue:    $15,000
Total GP/commission on sales (30%):       $4,500
Return on Investment (ROI):       252%
Looking at this scenario, this conservative calculation provides an excellent 250% ROI. And that's assuming you only get 3 sales from 20 leads at $5,000 ave. sale value.

Although the number of leads that become available per month will vary, we believe the assumptions used in our calculation to be conservative.
Ask yourself: What would it cost you now to generate sufficient leads to close 3 new sales per month?
* Some basic assumptions for the above ROI calculations:

•  Copier industry lead prices vary between $49 and $129, depending on lead type and quality. But the average is around $89.
•  We assume each lead is for a single machine purchase, although some leads will be for multiple machine purchases. These are still charged the same as a single machine lead.
•  We are assuming 30% GP on each sale.
•  We are assuming an average sale of $5,000.
•  We have assumed a 15% refund rate, but in reality this is closer to 5%.
•  We have assumed a close rate of only around 15%. This is something we cannot influence, but based on feedback, this is a conservative conversion rate.