Lead Guarantee

Our leads are guaranteed to have correct contact details and be genuine opportunities. Our lead replacement policy covers the following situations where Leads2Sales will replace (credit) a purchased sales lead:

1)  We credit 100% of the lead cost for bogus leads (fake or incorrect contact details, fake names etc.)

2)  We credit 85% of the lead cost back into your account where you have an existing relationship, or are already in negotiations with the prospect. Please note, if claimed, this will require verification by us. Pease read our 'existing prospect' policy.

Refund requests should be made as soon as possible via our lead feedback form (you must login first). We will verify your claim and once confirmed, you will receive a refund into your account for the cost of that lead.

Please note: If the above two criteria do not apply, but you still believe you have a good reason to request a refund, please complete our lead feedback form (you must login first) and provide details. We may contact you for further clarification and will consider each case.

To be eligible for a lead refunds, requests must be made within 24-36 hours of receiving the lead.

Our aim
The aim of our credit policy is to provide a fair and reasonable guarantee that our leads will be of high value and provide new selling opportunities. We know that in order for us to continue our business, you need to be happy with our leads and derive good value from them. However, to avoid abuse of our guarantee, we must keep the above rules in place.