Lead Quality Explained

Any lead generation campaign –regardless of the provider –will produce three groups of leads. This is simply the reality of lead generation.

Hot leads - easy to contact, appear to qualify, close to transacting.

Warm leads - genuine leads with correct details, sometimes harder to contact, may or may not be ready to transact in the immediate short term. May need to be worked over some weeks or months to move them into the 'hot leads' category.

Cold leads - people who have entered false data (whether by mistake or on purpose) and are difficult or impossible to contact.

Salespeople also vary in ability and expertise. Some are great at converting those late-stage leads. Others are better with early-stage leads and nurturing them to a deal over time. 

We understand this all too well at Leads2Sales, originally from a sales background ourselves. As a result, we focus on quality over quantity. With our unique LQS (lead quality score) system, we can filter out most cold leads and aim to deliver only (90%+) warm & hot leads.

Our leads fall into three main types:

  1. Premium Sales Qualified - mid to late-stage. Our highest quality leads with detailed information & buyer criteria.
  2. Sales Qualified - mid to late stage. Good quality leads, but may require some further work.
  3. Marketing-Qualified - early-stage leads with basic buyer criteria that will require further work and follow up

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With Leads2Sales, it’s all about the leads we give you. But it’s also all about the leads we do NOT give you.

We utilise a unique Lead Quality Score (LQS) qualification process, consisting of automated systems combined with human verification & qualification. This allows us to filter out most non-leads and segment the rest into the three types - marketing qualified, sales qualified, or premium sales qualified. The far majority of our leads are sales and premium qualified leads.

The LQS is a measurement that cannot lie. It forms the basis of a lead’s quality and, along with other factors, determines the lead price. Generally, a higher lead score means a higher chance of conversion to a sale (by a reasonably experienced and skilled salesperson).

Our premium sales-qualified leads have been qualified to the highest possible level. They have the most detail and the highest quality score.

Premium leads, including multi-unit or fleet opportunities, can generally be brought to a successful close within a shorter timeframe by competent salespeople who respond quickly and professionally.

Sales-qualified leads have been qualified & verified by our team, but not to the extent of our premium leads. Therefore, these leads may require some further qualification.

Marketing-qualified leads are genuine leads but will require further nurturing before they can be brought to a close. These leads are typically early in their buying journey and provide great opportunities to get in early.

Lead Pricing

Many lead companies have a fixed lead price mentality. They claim this makes budgeting easy. However, at Leads2Sales, we have always believed in providing value, and not all leads are alike.

We sell leads in various stages of the buying process and at various levels of qualification. As a result, pricing also varies based on the lead's quality. Also determining a lead's price is the 'opportunity value'. For example, a lead for a multi-unit or fleet acquisition or tender presents a more significant opportunity and therefore a higher lead price.

Another important factor affecting lead pricing are costs to generate leads in particular market segments, which can vary greatly. For example, in the copier & printer category, leads start as low as $49 and up to $249 for specific premium leads but average around $100 per lead. In other markets, this pricing could be either higher or lower.

In summary, multiple factors determine our lead pricing. We believe this is the fairest way of pricing our leads. Once we know what industry you're in and what type of leads you want, we'll be able to give you a better indication of pricing.


NOTE: the above price examples are ‘casual’ pay-per-lead rates. The actual final cost per lead will be determined by the lead type and whether you buy leads in volume or on a pay-per-lead basis.

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