How do I join Leads2Sales?

To join L2S, click on the Get Started link, or go to the Contact Us page. Complete your details and one of the team will give you a call to talk through our lead programme.

How does Leads2Sales work?

Leads2Sales is Australia’s leading B2B sales leads provider. We connect suppliers in a large range of industries and verticals with businesses looking for these products & services. Utilising a range of digital assets, AI technology and other methods, we find businesses at various stages of their procurement, find out what they need and make these details available as leads to matching suppliers.

The lead preview will show the product or service needed, a description of the requirements, the location, business type (whether it is a commercial entity, government or non-profit), business size and the lead price. If you like it, you can accept the lead and receive all contact details in order to contact the customer and arrange to provide a quote.

How much do your leads cost?

Leads are priced based on the type & quality of the lead (deal-, sales-, or marketing qualified) and the industry/vertical it is for. It also depends greatly on our costs to generate leads in a particular market segment, which varies widely.

Copier & printer leads for example start from $29 and average out at around $90-$100 per lead. Leads in other markets for higher value products or service may start at a $150 or higher price point. Once we know what industry you’re in and what type of leads you want, we’ll be able to give you a better indication of our lead pricing.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, but it is not time based. For new approved suppliers, we provide a $250 starting credit balance towards leads. This will be loaded once your registration on our lead management system is complete. More importantly, we provide a very strong Lead Guarantee, which means you only pay for valid leads and genuine opportunities.

What kind of commitment do I have to make when signing up?

There are no monthly subscriptions, fixed contracts, or any other commitments. You simply purchase each lead you want on a per-lead basis. If you don’t want to continue with our service, you can stop anytime. We do suggest however you give us sufficient time to prove ourselves.

What will it cost me to join and to purchase leads?

As a new supplier, it is free to register. Once we approve your account and your lead profile is set up, you will receive lead notifications. You only pay for the leads you wish to purchase from pre-paid credit. You can add credit to your account at any time after registering. Leads are priced according to lead type & quality. You can check our ‘Lead Prices’ on our Lead Management System (LMS).

How quickly will I start receiving leads?

Leads are delivered in real-time. When we generate a lead, it is checked, verified, and depending on the lead, further qualified. Once internally approved as a valid lead, you will receive a lead notification via email, SMS (optional) and you can purchase it via the Lead Management System.

Where do your leads come from?

In short, the process involves thorough market research, developing targeted marketing campaigns on social networks, display networks and search platforms to send quality traffic to optimised online assets (websites, landing pages and lead funnels). We then utilise a unique Lead Quality Score (LQS) process to determine the strength of each lead we generate. This involves web-based AI and our team of human qualifiers. Leads are then segmented into various categories and sent out via our portal. We also continuously test other innovative lead generation strategies. When they work consistently, we implement them.

How do I pay for my leads?

You pay for your leads from a pre-paid credits account. You simply buy a credits package of your choice via our portal.

If I stop using the service, will my money be refunded?

Credits in your account cannot be refunded. However, you can request refunds for individual leads. When approved, these will be credited back into your account.

Can I purchase leads from any area?

Yes, you can set up multiple geographic areas in your lead profile via our Lead Management System.

What are typical conversion rates for these leads?

This is a somewhat difficult question, as this is determined by multiple factors, some of which are out of our control. Things like how quickly the lead gets responded to and the experience & skills of the salesperson handling the leads are important factors. We have been selling leads for over 10 years and many of our partner suppliers have been with us for 5 or more years. This clearly proves our leads provide real value to them and hopefully we can do the same for you.

How many suppliers get each lead?

We sell leads on a shared, limited competition basis. This means each unique lead is made available to a maximum of 3, or in some case 4 suppliers (only if the lead requests this). Once the cap is reached, leads are marked as ‘sold out’ and can no longer be purchased.

Do you sell exclusive leads?

We do not supply exclusive leads to one supplier only. Buyers typically want multiple quotes, so our leads are sold on a strictly limited shared basis. This way it provides value for buyers, as well as suppliers, who will be competing with only two or three other suppliers at most. This way we can also keep our lead prices as low as possible.

What if I have a problem with a particular lead?

We have a Lead Guarantee policy that covers most situations. Lead refunds can be requested via our Lead Management System (LMS). If approved, we will credit the cost for that lead back to your account.

Are your leads full of ‘bottom feeders’ and ‘tyre kickers’, shopping only for price?

Well, we would hope not. Our focus is on maintaining a consistently high lead quality. Every lead must pass through our LQS (Lead Quality Score) system before they are approved and released. If bad ones slip through, we will refund it. We provide various lead quality types, which is outlined on our website.

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Please contact us with any questions you have.