The Leads2Sales Difference


Leads2Sales is vendor and brand-agnostic.

We are an independent Australian provider of high-quality B2B sales leads.

Our business generates guaranteed, qualified leads for businesses of all sizes and multiple industries, markets, and verticals.

B2B Experience & Expertise

The key to our success and the main difference between Leads2Sales and other lead generation agencies or services is that the core team behind Leads2Sales has an extensive B2B sales background.

Early on, they experienced all of the struggles most B2B salespeople face, including one of the most difficult challenges, generating good leads consistently!

Knowing what it's like having to spend the majority of time on lead generation led to the launch of Leads2Sales in 2010. We started in the copier industry and are the pioneers in this market, one of the most competitive industries.

Since our inception in 2010, we have created, tested, and managed countless online lead generation campaigns, primarily aimed at B2B markets. So naturally, this has evolved to many other industries & verticals.

This doesn't necessarily make us the best B2B lead generation company in Australia, but it almost guarantees that we create the most cost-effective lead generation methods and utilise the latest lead generation techniques. Focus on best practices all the way. It means we can keep our pricing the lowest possible.

Any business that relies on a consistent and steady flow of high-quality sales leads will significantly benefit by partnering with Leads2Sales. We dare say you'd be crazy not to!

Our Passion

Our passion is to bring more intelligence & smarts into the lead generation business. Our passion is helping companies of any size grow their customer base by delivering a consistent flow of opportunities. And we're doing so with a small but highly talented and diverse team of passionate, experienced individuals.

Our Team

Our small Australian team has a combined background of 60+ years in B2B sales, marketing, and IT. In addition, our virtual teams in Australia and overseas add specialised web, software development, design, product development, and market research expertise. Combined, this provides a powerhouse combination of skills, expertise, and experience at your disposal and makes us ideally suited to trust with your lead generation.

Our Guarantee

Our business only grows if we help grow yours! We do this by consistently delivering you with sales opportunities. Maintaining lead quality and integrity is our #1 priority. We support this commitment to quality sales leads by offering the best lead guarantee in the industry.

Our Leads

Our unique lead qualifying process allows us the flexibility to deliver sales leads of varying levels of qualification and pricing. It really depends on what most suits your business and your sales team.

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Since 2010, over 300 businesses have trusted us to deliver qualified leads.
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