1) How can Leads2Sales help me?
Leads2Sales provides new sales opportunities at a much lower cost compared to most other lead generation methods. Our leads provide a great ROI, are easy to track and can be measured for results. All our leads have a money back 'lead guarantee'.
2) Is there a free trial?
No, we do not provide a free trial. However, for new subscribers, we offer $50 free credits to use towards leads. We also provide occasional special offers and our 'Lead Guarantee' ensures that every lead you receive is for a valid opportunity.
3) What kind of commitment do I have to make when signing up?
None whatsoever! There are no monthly subscriptions or other commitments. You simply purchase each lead you want on a per-lead basis. If you donít want to continue with our service, you can stop anytime.
4) What will it cost me to join and to purchase leads?
It costs nothing to register with Leads2Sales. You only pay for the leads you wish to purchase from a pre-paid account. You can add credit to your account at any time after registering. Leads are priced according to lead type. You can check our 'Lead Prices' page for details on pricing
5) How do I pay for my leads?
You pay for your leads from a pre-paid account. Your account can be funded by purchasing one of our credit packages via PayPal.
6) If I stop using the service, will my money be refunded?
Credit already in your account cannot be refunded. However, you can request a refund for individual leads. This will be refunded back into your account once checked and approved. If you have credit left in your account but have decided you no longer wish to buy leads, we suggest you simply keep purchasing leads until your credit runs out.
7) Can I purchase leads from any area?
Yes, you can set your coverage area at state, region and suburb level.
8) What are typical conversion rates for these leads?
This is somewhat difficult for us to know, as we may not necessarily get this feedback from our suppliers. Many of our suppliers have been buying leads from us for over 6 years, which shows our leads provide real value. Over 90% of leads result in a quote to the customer. Actual sales results are out of our control. A fast response to leads greatly increase good sales results.
9) How quickly will I receive my leads?
When a lead is generated, we will review it and send out a lead notification via email. This usually happens within 30 minutes of us receiving the lead. Once you have purchased the lead, full lead details will be sent out immediately.
10) Who in my company should receive the leads?
Whoever is able to respond to leads the fastest is the best person.
11) Where do your leads come from?
Leads2Sales own and operate various online assets through which our leads are generated. Our leads are mostly 'in market' opportunities.
12) How many suppliers get each lead?
We supply leads strictly on a limited shared basis. Each unique lead is made available to a maximum of 3 suppliers. If the maximum is reached, leads are marked as 'sold out' and can no longer be purchased.
13) What if I have a problem with a particular lead?
We have a Lead Guarantee policy. In the event that a lead contains incorrect or bogus details, you can request a refund via our lead feedback form under 'My Account'. When approved, we will credit the cost for that lead back to your account within 5 business days.
14) Do you generate leads from across the country?
Yes. We provide leads from all over Australia. However, the majority of our leads come from the main metro areas in each state.
15) Are your leads full of 'bottom feeders' and 'tyre kickers', shopping only for price?
Generally, no, as we review leads before they are released. Most leads are genuine 'in market' buyers. If no quote is possible, you can request a refund by submitting a refund request. Please check our Lead Guarantee Policy.
16) Do I have exclusive rights to my purchased leads?
We do not supply exclusive leads. Leads are sold on a strictly limited shared basis. This provides value for buyers, who usually want up to 3 quotes, and also value for suppliers, who will be competing with up to a maximum of only 2 suppliers.
17) My answer isn't here...
Please contact us with any questions you have.