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For many sales professionals, lead generation can be the least enjoyable and most time consuming part of the selling process. Cold calling to generate leads and new business can be very tough, but it has to be done. Without a lead, who are you going to sell to?

Our goal at Leads2Sales is to reduce this time consuming, often painful process by working hard to delivering a consistent flow of high quality, high converting sales leads. We can be an additional lead generation tool for you or your business to build and maintain solid sales pipelines of prospective new clients, ready to buy.
FACT: Over 70% of business purchases are now researched online first! Purchasing managers and others involved in the buying process are all using the internet to research products to find the best solution for their specific needs. Whether they know of your particular company or not, they are doing online comparative research, requesting quotes and looking for additional information to help them with their purchase. You cannot afford to ignore this fact.

"But our own website generates leads already". Sure, hopefully that is the case. But does it really generate all the leads you can handle? Do you have internet and search marketing experts working within your business? Are they constantly optimising your website for maximum lead conversion and actively promoting your business, using the many online marketing methods and strategies now necessary for maximum exposure? 

In other words, are you getting a constant stream of leads in the form of phone calls, or web and email enquiries into your business? If you are, great! But odds are you are busy enough just focusing on selling, not necessarily online marketing and other forms of sales lead generation. Or if you're a manager, maybe you think your lead generation is under control by leaving this activity up to your sales people. The question is, did you mean to employ them as sales professionals or lead generators? They are two distinctly different jobs that require different skill sets.
Our lead generation and distribution system is live for the photocopier industry. Dealers, agents and reps in the copier industry can register here to start receiving sales leads. Suppliers from other industries can pre-register here. New sales leads are emailed to you automatically as a lead alert as soon as they become available. We supply our leads on a per-lead basis. As a supplier, you are totally free to purchase only the leads you want after previewing some of the lead details. Our Lead Guarantee ensures every lead has correct details, or it will be replaced or refunded. Make sure to also check our regular Special Offers.

Quality, high converting sales leads for Australian businesses

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Our system has been in development since 2009, initially designed for the copier industry to provide a reliable, trustworthy high ROI and continuous source of qualified sales leads. We are now planning expansion of our B2B lead generation service into other high sale value industries.

The team behind Leads2Sales have come from various backgrounds, some directly from the copier industry itself, others from sales and marketing, IT, web development and project management. We know the lead generation industry, we understand the sales process, we are internet marketing experts and we know what constitutes a quality sales lead.

Welcome to Leads2Sales

Leads2Sales is an Australian business specialising in high quality, high converting B2B sales lead generation for Australian businesses. Our leads can be purchased on a per-lead basis. No contracts or monthly subscriptions. Just register on this site and start receiving leads notifications. Our lead can be previewed before you decide to buy the lead.

The business has its lead generation origins in the copier industry and we are still Australia's leading provider of Photocopier, Business Printer & MFD sales leads. We are also planning to expand into other industries, with the goal of providing the same high quality, high converting B2B sales leads to these industries. You can pre-register your interest in sales leads for other industries here.
the modern sales funnel
The modern sales funnel is fed from multiple online sources. If your marketing activities do not involve these methods, you are missing out on sales leads and new business
Our mission at Leads2Sales is simple; to do what you don't have time for in the most effective way and with the highest ROI, which is capturing the ready-to-buy market in your industry - people and businesses who right now are researching products and services they require, as well as searching for actual suppliers of these products and services. We don't just obtain a name and email address and pass that off as a lead. We qualify them through detailed questioning, capturing detailed requirements and then full contact details.

When leads become available, these people want to hear from you IMMEDIATELY! Not tomorrow, not next week. They want to be contacted right away to discuss your products and services.